Mr. Grey

The story of the third guy started just a little over 4 weeks.  We were set up by a mutual friend.  Well, the guy he set us up actually works for Mr. Grey.  My friend lives out-of-town, but travels to my hometown frequently for work and we often get together for dinner and drinks.  My friend was in town so he called and invited me to dinner.  I thought it was no different from any other dinner.  However, when I got there for dinner I discovered there would be a dinner party for about 12 people.  Mr. Grey was part of this dinner party and my friend placed name cards at the table to ensure that he was seated next to me.

We hit it off pretty quickly.  We quickly learned that we have a lot in common. Both of us are newly divorced.  Both of us had dated casually recently, but nothing serious.  After a couple of after dinner drinks with the group I left for the evening.  However, the next day we started emailing and texting and ended up meeting up that night for drinks.  This time it was just the two of us. We have great chemistry. We are aligned on so many things – politics, religion, parenting, social views, etc.  Moreover, we share similar sense of humor, wit, career driven and so much more.

We ended up back at his hotel bar.  We started to make out there, but I didn’t want his employees to see him making out with me so we moved our date to his hotel room.  It had been a long time since I had been so attracted to somebody and felt as comfortable with them.  As we continued to make out, I realized that I wanted to sleep with him.  Let me preface ,  I have never slept with somebody on the second day of knowing them.  I have never had a one stand.  I had always been in a relationship first before I would have sex with them.  However, we all know how those relationships ended, so I decided to trust my gut and do what felt right.

I slept with him.  Actually, it felt more like making love.  He knew it had been a long time for me.  He was very gentle and tender.  It was exactly what I needed as I make my way back into this world.  I think he even held my hand during .  Does anybody else think it is so hot when a guy holds your hand during sex?  I think that is so sensual.

He asked me to spend the night with him.  He wanted to spoon and cuddle.  I wanted to go home to sleep.  I cuddled with him for a bit, but after he fell asleep  I snuck out of the hotel and headed home.  I had only a couple of hours before I had to be ready for work anyways.

Mr. Grey flew out the next morning, but not before sending a text about how he woke up alone.  The biggest drawback with Mr.Grey is he lives 2000 miles away.  There are no direct flights between our cities which makes traveling to our see each other much more difficult.  This is my predicament.  However, we have seen each other since…  .