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I’m sharing my blog…Yikes!

I have not been on here in a long time!!!! Quick update….I have new boyfriend.  We have been dating for 6 months.  Let’s call him Mr. Incredible.  First…the cartoon character is his doppleganger.  Second…He is pretty incredible.  Great guy.  He is fantastic.  We have fun together. sex is great.  I trust him…sort of.  I trust him not cheat, I don’t trust that he will be there for me emotionally.  He is emotionally disconnected.  What is it with me that continues to pick these men?  Please help me! He is also interested in multiple sex partners – we chat about about that, but I just can’t go there.  I want to.  My blogging friends that do, please share your experiences.

I still go to my counselor once month at a minimum.  In an attempt to be raw… Im going to share my blog with him .  My counselor thinks I have to be completely transparent to get him to jump.  I have been terrified.  I am going for it.  I have NEVER shared my blog with anybody I know.  Not family, not friends, not partners….This will be new.  He knows my past, but not the raw emotions and the heartache that comes with me.  I think he has the potential to open up, but I have to go all in first.  I am nervous as hell!

He’s worth it! Otherwise I wouldn’t even consider this! BTW…My heart is hurting again.  I only write when my heart hurts.  I need to get better about that!

Miss you, my blogging friends!







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