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Ugh… I hate this feeling…

Trying to sleep and I can’t. I hate this feeling. I’m waiting for it to end and it just doesn’t. Been over 5 weeks now. I will be so glad when this whirlwind ends.

13 thoughts on “Ugh… I hate this feeling…

  1. {{hugs}] because you are waiting, it won’t end. you know how that goes. it will eventually lessen. someday. I think of you often and I know you have a great support system around you. I also know that sometimes, all of that doesn’t ease the ache. grieve. get angry. find joy in spring and the time with your kids. be happy in moments. and eventually, the ride will slow to a stop. {{hugs}}

    • Thank you so much for the hugs and your sharing your thoughts. You always have a way putting things. I am trying to find my joy and my happy place again. It is so incredibly difficult to do, but I do get up and try every day. I know eventually the hurt will stop. Thanks again. I hope you are doing well too!

    • Thanks for the offer, but I have never done pot. Though many of my friends do. It has just never been my thing. I just read your post about Mr. X. I sure hope you start feeling better soon. Sending you big hugs!

      • Hey Smitten, I was just wondering if you turned the comments off on your blog on purpose, or if you were unaware that that had happened. That’s fine if you don’t want comments, but if you were unaware it was that way I thought I would let you know. Hope you are doing better this weekend. πŸ™‚ Thinking of you!

      • Thanks, sweetie! I turned if off for a couple of my posts because you-know-who has been lurking around. And, even though I have her stuff sent to spam, I still see it…

        ❀ I hope your weekend is sunny and lovely and completely absent of triggers!!! XO!

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