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I was in a hit and run…with Mr. Perfect..

Thank you all for all of your comments over the last few days.  They have really helped. I think I can officially say I was involved in an emotional hit and run.  After several months of Mr. Perfect doing whatever he could do to get me to bond and connect with him emotionally he has officially he just disappeared.  I don’t know why. I really don’t have the answers.  All I know is I had what appeared to be the perfect relationship and then I get a call from an ex-girlfriend and then just like that he was gone.  I feel not only did I get hit by a bus when the ex-girlfriend called, but I feel like I got hit by a bus when he checked out, leaving me to deal with all of this on my own.

A few days ago I got the… I need space talk from him.  He needs time.  He’s a mess with too many loose ends.  You know the This isn’t about you, this about me” talk.  So pretty much I got dumped.  And that is where we are at.

Since I spoke to him about my talk with Crazy I have left him alone.  Friday night used to be out date night every week.  We haven’t actually had Friday date night in four weeks now.  A friend, a male friend, invited me out to help me get my mind off of things.  There in the middle of my friend date was Mr. Perfect calling me.  Initiating contact for the first time in weeks. He didn’t say why he was calling.  I told him I was out and couldn’t talk, I didn’t say with who.  He sounded shocked and surprised that not only was I out, but I wanted to get off the phone. Then he said he would let me go.  I got off the phone and didn’t offer to call him back.  I haven’t heard a word out of him since that. My guy friend I was with told me to let him sit on that and wonder. He said that drives guys crazy. Who knows, but it felt like a small victory.

9 thoughts on “I was in a hit and run…with Mr. Perfect..

  1. I agree, that was a definite win, although it doesn’t take away the sadness over what has happened. You deserve better, someone who is going to stay and fight, not run and hide when things get hard. Hugs!!

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