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Where, oh where, has everyone gone???

This is going to sound a little hypocritical, ok a lot hypocritical…Where have all my blogging friends gone?  I am not posting as much, because honestly there isn’t anything new to post about or I haven’t felt motivated enough write, but I still check my reader to keep up with everybody.  I miss you guys! I want updates.  🙂 Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


16 thoughts on “Where, oh where, has everyone gone???

  1. In my short time here on WordPress I’ve learned you have to give to get, Likes, Comments. Don’t you agree?

    Anyway, stop on by “Exit 4A – This Is Where I Got Off” (if you haven’t subscribed already, do! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!). There’s a lot going on over there.

    Enjoy your week!

    • I do like and comment on many blogs. I used to follow you, I don’t know where you went, I didn’t unfollow you. Let me try again.

      Back when I started my blog in January there were a group of us OW that used to follow, like and comment on each other for several months, and many of them have become radio silent. I was just reaching out. I do comment and like many things on any blog I feel I have something to add.

      • Well, I thank you and I did approve your subscription to my blog. (Don’t know how or why that lapsed, but Welcome Again.)

        I am a proud OW or more accurately an ex-OW, as you can tell from my blog. Right now we are in litigation with each other. It is horrible and I see it as pitiful for him.

        Will look forward to reading your “take” on “the dark side”…LOL! ;-0

  2. I come and read your blog regularly! I haven’t really started blogging about my time as a OW but when I am having a tough day (even though it’s been awhile since it ended) I come on here and find support (as silly as it sounds).

    • That’s not silly at all. That’s how my blog started. I was up all night one night looking for answers. I had read two books, When Good People Have Affairs and Will He Really Leave Her for Me. What I was reading in the books and what my MM was saying were on opposite sides. The books were talking about deadlines that were set and the excuses that follows with promises, etc… My MM was telling me he was getting divorced and to be patient, yada yada… So I got on the internet and found blogs. The blogs were so honest and I felt like I could have written them. So, I started blogging to interact and get feedback. It has been a huge help in my journey and helped me see the truth. The OW on here are amazing. Most people are supportive with a couple of exceptions (mostly one, but we all ignore her). But overall the experience has been very helpful. You should start blogging, it is so freeing! Thanks for reading. It is good to know that we can help each other through these difficult relationships.

  3. Hey RR – it may have been you that recommended ‘when good people have affairs’ to me. One of the best things I did was to buy that and read it. I was reading, reading… thinking, nope that isn’t relevant, this isn’t relevant, but I kept reading and one sentence – just the one, which pertained to who *I* am, was the one that made a huge difference in my life. So – assuming it was you that recommended it – THANKS!!

    • Hey! I read this while I was out one day and meant to post when I got a minute and then life got away from me and it slipped my mind. Yes, that was me. You’re welcome. I am glad that it helped you. I never did get my MM to read it. He read through the first part, the types of affairs, and never picked up again. I felt like the book could have helped him a lot. I know you have been struggling with to tell or not to tell about the affair. There is a section in the book she discusses that.

      Thank you for letting me know that book helped you. That made my day. 🙂

      • Great! I was every so thankful for it! And yes, I do sometimes struggle with whether to tell or not. Sometimes because I feel pressured that I ‘should’. Right now I am 100% happy with my decision not to. She definitely helped me with that too! Double thanks! Lol

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