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5 signs you need relationship therapy

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Relationship TherpayEvery relationship has its up and downs. One week you can’t seem to get along and the rest of the year you’re the poster couple your friends idealize. You go an entire month without physical contact, then for the few days you can’t keep your hands off each other.

Lack of Communication
Communication is the cornerstone of every relationship. Without it couples become distant and it can seem as if they are simply co-existing. According to Dr. Donna M. White, LMHC, “When couples become more like roommates than a married couple, this may indicate a need for counseling.” Communication might be one of the easiest problems to fix within a relationship. With the help of a therapist, communication issues can be resolved quickly.

Lack of Trust
Perhaps the most important component of a relationship is trust. If there is a lack of trust between partners, the relationship is almost…

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