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Spam folder (AKA Spam box)…

Does anybody else just let their spam box go on WordPress?  I was cleaning it out periodically, but have decided to just let it go and not open it at all, maybe every few months just to do a massive clean.  Just wondering what everyone else does with their spam box. 


19 thoughts on “Spam folder (AKA Spam box)…

    • I have only had a few comments go there when they shouldn’t have. I do get “real” spam. But the other 50% is Nephila and her craziness (which I never read) I see the name and without one look at the words delete. However, I actually do read my “real” spam, which is ironic. Nephila wants a voice sooooooo bad, because she comes at it the wrong way, no one takes her voice seriously. Sad, really when you think about it. I hope you had a good 4th! 🙂

  1. I check mine periodically. Most of it is just the trash that Nephila spouts, most of which has no context or makes any sense since she views everything through her dirt covered glasses that only allow cracks of the truth 🙂 Waste of time, but some days I like a good laugh!

    • Very true! She unites us all! 🙂 I decided a long time to not read her comments to me. But I do see her comments on other people’s posts and I think to myself did she even read what the post is about? Her comments don’t even relate to the post at all. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  2. I’m glad to see that her stuff is always out of context. I post a few things from my open marriage time and I tag them with “affair” because it feels appropriate and the last comment from her, on a post about meeting my lovers wife, was like she hadn’t read a thing. I don’t worry about her stuff now 🙂

  3. *giggle* well, I can’t claim that my spam box is mostly full of Nephila’s vitriolic pontificating as I allow her comments for pure entertainment purposes. Ok, to be fair, I leave them alone because if I were to tell anyone about them, they wouldn’t believe me. It’s proof that she not only exists but is, imho, bat-shit cra cra. 😉

    • Well said! I believe we all agree. What bothers me is when she attacks new bloggers. The ones of us who have been around a while, we get it. But the ones that are new and are just trying to find their legs in the blogging world…when she goes after them that really bothers me the most. These women often have no one to talk to in real life because they are afraid of being scorned or judged, and they might have a post or two up as they are trying to get the nerve to really find their voice…those are the comments that get me.

      • Oh yes, I totally agree. A few times I’ve sent private messages to those new tenderfooted bloggers, to offer encouragement to continue blogging no matter what the haters say 😉 hope you are having a great Sunday with your kidlets!

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