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Kelly’s Cheating Heart Cinnamon Rolls


Happiness used to live here...surviving an affair

cimage“Have you lost your mind Kelly?” Probably but a friend asked me to put recipes on my blog..”Every great blog has recipes” she said. After giving it some thought I figured why not…I once made the statement “I love to cook, but I live for baking”…and it’s still true, although it was once impossible with all the voices screaming in my head. I now use it to help heal…every jar full of cookies is a “screw you” to “the whore”…you didn’t beat me. So here we go… another first….Cinnamon Rolls so easy, I almost named them after “the whore” .

Cheating Heart Cinnamon Rolls

1 yellow cake mix                                1/2 cup softened butter

5 cups. All purpose flour                    1 cup melted crunchy peanut butter 

2 pkgs. Yeast                                        Brown Sugar

2 ½ c. very warm…

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