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I’m keeping my blog positive…

Just so everyone knows…I am keeping my blog positive.  I have my blog set to only approved comments…some i have blacklisted…yes, that’s you Nephila…I love to see you show up in my spam box, just so I can delete you before I read any of your words.  BTW, I love how some of them are so long with the energy you spent writing to me…as I don’t read… I love hitting the delete button…so keep on! It gives me great joy that you spend that kind of time to send me a message as I say “be gone with you.”  Truly it is a great honor and highlight of my day! So, please keep the comments coming, makes my day! I could use the positive energy! 

To the rest of my readers…thank you for the great comments.  In just a short 5 months I have hit over 8000 views…which tells me I need to keep writing! Thank you for reading! And in case you are unaware, I am not anti-BS…I am anti-stupidity and judegement.  I welcome feedback as long as it is tactful, respectful, or positive.   I will not allow someone to beat up someone else who is commenting on my blog, which is why I approve all comments, and also why I don’t respond to negative comments.  This is a safe place for people to share their feelings in a world that isn’t always “safe” to do so.  

I think as OW, BS, and cheating spouses alike we are all trying to understand how we ended up here. None of us are each other’s enemy, we are all trying to decipher what is going on. When people are hurt…emotions fly…rightfully so.  But in the end we all just want answers and that is what blogging is about.  Answers! An exchange of emotion that we should be able to get out…Comments should be positive, or at the minimum thought provoking. So, there it is…

Thank you to all who read! You all make my day! 



20 thoughts on “I’m keeping my blog positive…

    • Grace, I had the pleasure of deleting another comment from Nephila this morning! I know this is probably bad energy, but is it wrong I find so much pleasure in hitting that delete button without reading the words she spent energy and time writing…even if those words were meant for harm and not good? But, man delete never felt so good! 🙂

  1. Well said! Everyone should block Nephilias venom. Maybe she should spend her time working on her relationship instead of bashing all those looking for a little catharsis and como an through their writings!

  2. Beautifully written. We’re all trying to figure out how to do what’s best – all looking for answers. Thank you for the positive and safe environment you create through your blog.

  3. I blocked her as well. I feel so sorry for her. How horrible it must be to live with so much hate and anger. What a waste of a wonderful life.

  4. For some reason or another she seems to think my writing about my childhood is my attempt to come up with an excuse for my affair. I do have her set to spam just wish I could block her entirely. Processing all this crap is hard enough.

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