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I just wanted to say it feels good to be laughing with W again.  We hadn’t really done that together in very long while.  

One of the many things that made us, well us…is our ability to make jokes with each other and laugh together.  We are joking, playful, and laughing again. We are truly happy, upbeat people who have a zest for life and we share a love of funny movie quotes, sarcasm and making fun of our silly selves. That feels so good to be able to laugh with him. it feels good to be speaking in our twin language.  It feels good to have let go of the hurt, resentment, and anger.  It feels good to be able to just talk without talking about our problems.  It just feels good.  

I feel the girl I was before November peeking her head back out.  That girl is a lot of fun and a whole lot of happy! It feels so good to see her again letting the sun shine on her face.  

I look forward to sharing the next chapter of W and I with you, my follow bloggers and readers, as we have clearly turned to the next chapter. 

My friend told me today I write with a raw emotion in my blog.  My God, I went back today and looked at it…Who is that person?  I didn’t even recognize her, but when I went back and read it my words were only a portion of the darkness and sadness I felt. 

I hope the happy girl I really typically am, comes across just as well as the girl who wrote the last 80 posts.  

So, as I turn the chapter with W, I am also turning the chapter in my blog, and I will be writing about the positive aspects as I move forward.  They say whatever you focus on is what you end up with.  Well, Negative Nelly has left this blog for now, stay tuned! 


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