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An email I received:

OK…I need to say…this woman, just put into words what I have tried to say to W, about W for months now!!!! Still crying…She is spot on!

Being Her, (the other woman)...


I asked this emailer  (TKM),  if I could post her email because it moved me SOOO much.  I can relate to it on so many levels and so many feelings.  I have looked into the mirror and just stared at myself wondering who I was and what I’d become.  Looking at my spirit filled numb body.  Realizing when I looked in the mirror after being around my husband and then again after being with HIM how it was like two completely different people standing there… body language and confidence both.  A look of being dead and empty or a look of being alive and fulfilled.  Just based on who I was with.  Let me stop talking… (writing), here is her email.  I’ve never posted email before… I asked her if I could post this and got her permission.  Please don’t think if you email me I will post it or…

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14 thoughts on “An email I received:

  1. This brought tears to my eyes for that is exactly what I am feeling right now. Letting him go has been hard and I feel lost especially right now.. I can not seem to stop the tears… I am trying to hide them but this really hit it on the nail and my heart….

  2. So I believe this is the address to the blog. I could not figure out how to change my blog name etc I am new to this like I said, If anyone is interesting in following me and reading my other writings please feel free. Thanks for all the positive feedback and of course to HER for posting this email I sent to you and taking an interest in what I had to write. http://t7894t.wordpress.com/

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