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Sex and The City and My Mr. Big W…


I used to watch the Sex and The City and today I woke up to find this article on People mobile.  I loved that show.  The closeness those girls shared in their friendship, the talk about relationships and boys, Carrie’s unique way of putting into words her thoughts on love at the close of each show.  I had forgotten this show and the subsequent movies until I saw this article this morning.

I was thinking about it.  W is my Mr. Big.  He is my one true love, and the one I find trouble getting past, and probably never will fully.  Much like Carrie of Sex and The City, I will move onward and try to find my happy without him. My time in grief (I’m still there) recently reminded me of how Carrie reacted in the first movie where she was stood up at the alter.  I felt so much like her, stood up at the alter.  W and I had made so many plans for the future, that when he started dragging his feet or rather backing away from me…I felt stood up.

I dove into the heartache and pain, much like Carrie did in the first movie.  I have had my girlfriends and guy friends around me much like her.  And like her, I find myself trying to piece together my life in the aftermath.  Where is my assistant Jennifer Hudson when I need her?  I mean, seriously! I want a Jennifer Hudson.


Carrie was the queen of letting go.  I need to revisit this show and take notes.  Surely, there are some life lessons to be had in this, right?  I loved her positive attitude and the way she saw life.  I don’t want to let this experience squash my positive attitude and zest for life.  I want to continue on with hope, love, grace and forgiveness as I have in the past.  I want to learn the art of letting go, giving up control and allowing life to sometimes take me down a path that is shown to me without fighting it, to show me who I was meant to be.  I am bound and determined to allow myself to be found in the midst of this.  I will prevail with or without my Mr. Big.



And if I find that someone to love the me that I love, well, that’s just fabulous!  Wise words Carrie Bradshaw!


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