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Sad, just sad….

I only have a minute, but sad…just sad, and yep this is all about the man who claimed he loved me.  Sad. 😦


9 thoughts on “Sad, just sad….

    • I decided I couldn’t do things anymore. I just wasn’t strong enough to continue, he wasn’t strong enough to keep his promises to me. We were talking two days ago on what would have been the first anniversary of when we met and he just stopped responding to me mid convo. No goodbye, nothing. That was two days ago. He’s just gone. As quickly as came into my life he is leaving. And the man that I thought would never, ever leave my side did.

      • you mean he just disappeared? just poof and the chat window closed or the line went dead? i am so sorry! that happened with him and i once, about 5 months in and before i had truly understood his ability to compartmentalize in comparison to my own need for connection. it was agonizing and i made steps to move on and then when he contacted me after almost 4 weeks as if nothing was wrong…i was wth?! that was the start of our conversations around what are we? what are my expectations versus his? is there a common ground? etc. i was guarded and remained so for almost a year. i do not, do not like the lack of communication and connection and i would hope that your man recognizes the cruelty of going incommunicado with no thought or explanation. i’m crying for you and hope you can remember how strong you are and the spirit you have shows through your writing! {hugs}

      • No, on Monday I told him I couldn’t do this anymore. We spent the next couple of days discussing it. He told me why he has been unable to leave, and admitted that he wasn’t ready to leave, and that he knew he let me down in his promise to make it happen to be with me. We were just texting about it. He sent a text, I responded to that text and then he never responded. There was no goodbye. And I didn’t try to make contact either. I left the ball in his court. Our communication in the past few months had slowed and those bids for connection had slowed down too. A few months back I would have expected him to do whatever he could to stay in contact with me. There were occasions in the past when we had phone issues and he was a man on a mission to make sure we stayed in contact. But the way things are between us now, that’s not the case. I think he just slipped away quietly. I have talked to him about my need for connection and he acknowledged that, but nothing changed. I think he just let me go. He had been for a few months now. The passion within him to see me, be in touch with me seemed that it had just fizzled out, without any explanation. It didn’t for me though. So, I am left with all kinds of emotions…rejection, abandonment, grief over the loss of him, confussion…you name it I have felt it, and none of them good. How are you holding up? Things at home any better?

    • I haven’t cried yet today, but I haven’t been alone. I have had a great friend with me all day today letting me just talk, and lie with me so I can finally get a restful sleep. I still woke up with a major anxiety attack, but the sleep has helped a little bit.

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