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The Tragedy of Love

I thought her post hit the nail on the head for what every OW feels at some point.  I told her I could have written these exact words.

Choosing Life

The biggest tragedy of love has to be when one person loves and the other doesn’t.  The feeling that you can’t see your future without the object of your affection somehow in your life, yet somehow you feel like it is much easier for them.

For so long I have lived with my head in the sand.  Not wanting to see the reality. And the reality is that, yes, I am a good friend of his, and he values me in his life, he must obviously have some feelings for me, but I am his ‘option’.  It ‘feels’ as though if I am not around he is still 100% fine.   This affair costs me so much internally, and in other areas of my life  – I am not prepared to be an ‘option’.  I don’t want to be an ‘option’.  Because an ‘option’ equates to being used.  I’m in love…

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3 thoughts on “The Tragedy of Love

  1. Sigh – wow…true words. Unfortunately, you’re not top priority to him. You’re the fun escape from his world of responsibility and pressure. You’re an outlet for him to be young and carefree, and I’m sure he has love for you…I’m sure of it, but it’s not pure unconditional love, and you deserve that, especially since you’re willing to give it so freely. I only know this because I’ve been there. To love and not get it returned pierces deeper than pretty much anything.

    • That does hurt really bad. This was a post I reblogged, because I could relate to her words so easily. I do think my MM and I shared a great love, but he still was willing to keep me on the side, so it couldn’t have been that great, right? I just ended my relationship with him on Monday, and man it hurts. But I’m getting through. 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting.

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