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Long day…

This has been the longest day ever…to me.  I have made new friends, cried more than a 1000 tears, feigned an illness to explain why I look like someone died to my mother, went on a journey of enlightenment, did actual things that needed to be done (and patted myself on the back, because lord knows it took an act of God to get them done today), ignored my kids questions as to why their mother couldn’t quit crying, talked with two dear friends of mine, spent more time with my computer than should be allowed in OSHA regulations, developed the mantra “tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow is a new day,” and have successfully made a list of priorities that is managable given my current state. Oh, and made the world’s longest run on sentence.Ha ha!  I’m making it! High Five me! I didn’t know if I would, but sometimes in the deepest sorrow you find your deepest strengths and your deepest desires.  I will make it! I am making it! Tomorrow is a new day….


6 thoughts on “Long day…

  1. yes you will make it! and we will be here to remind you when the shit hits the fan again, because it will. or when you think you can never catch a break, because you will. I read your posts and I am struck by the emotions you can evoke in me from sadness, to anger (on your behalf) to laughter. your writing is a strength, a voice that should be heard. sending good thoughts your way on this valentine’s day!

    • You think so. I hope not. This has been a hard week. To be honest, that thought has crept into my mind. You are the second person to say my writing is strength. I thought it was not. Thank you. You have been on my mind. Seriously! Are you doing ok? You are my super hero. Your strength seriously amazes me!

      Happy Valentine’s Day!

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