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Making love to thoughts…


I saw this on Being Her’s blog.  When I read the words a little more than a month ago, the person that came immediately to mind was W.  He was the epitome of this.  It is hard for me to think that this is the end of that beautiful period in my life, and the love and intimacy I shared with him.  Words fail me at the tremendous loss I feel.  The feelings of abandonment and rejection hurt to the core of my being right now.  Even though some may say our love was wrong, it was beautiful and genuine. Anybody who came across our path was taken by our shear love and affection for each other. We were beautiful.

Damn, I wish I didn’t miss him.  I wish I didn’t feel the sharp sting of this so bad.  I wish he didn’t completed me in such a way I feel broken and lost without him.  I wish he hadn’t been my soul mate.  I wish I didn’t love him.  But I do.


2 thoughts on “Making love to thoughts…

  1. Uggghhhh….this is where I find myself today….one day is fine or for that matter one moment and the next my heart is aching for his presence…not as a lover but as my best friend…this to shall pass…right?

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