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Header photo…

Have you ever noticed my header photo?  I feel like the pissed off girl on the right.  I don’t get mad often or for long.  This is exhausting.  I am so grateful for the sleep that will overcome me shortly.  Usually, when I have felt like this I have been unable to sleep sometimes for days.  So, I am taking my melatonin and I am heading to bed.

I will write more about my happenings with W tomorrow. Sorry for the frequent posts, but I am trying to get it out.  It seems to be the only thing that dulls my emotions just slightly.

Good night W.  I love you.


6 thoughts on “Header photo…

  1. Keep posting away – I know exactly what you mean – I find blogging helps to unscramble my thoughts. I think you’re behind me timewise (USA?), so hopefully when you read this you’ll have woken after a decent nights sleep. X x

    • Yes, I’m in the USA. I slept ok, but I’ll take it! Blogging does help a lot, but I think it can also help to “re-write” some perspectives if you spend too much time in it, as well. I think that happened to me. I was writing blogs in my sleep last night. Ha! I wrote some good ones too! 🙂

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