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My network of women bloggers rock!!!

friendshipToday on my post titled I’m a coward a man reached out to me in my comments.  He made a comment about the network of women who comment on my blog.  Made me think of you ladies and how awesome you are! I read all of your blogs and see where we all seem to comment on each others blogs.  We are all total strangers and yet we reach out and offer kind words and encouragement even as we are dealing with our own personal trials and tribulations. All of us are at different places in our relationships, but we are all quick to offer support to each other. I just want to take the time to extend a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all of you.  Some days your words are my only silver lining.  If I could I would give each of you a great big hug! Thank you not only for your encouragement and words, but for baring your souls and sharing your most personal thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes I cry with you, nodding cause I have been there.  Sometimes I am giving you a high five as I celebrate your victory with you, but nonetheless every story makes impact in my journey.  Thank you again for extending your hand to me and picking me up when I need it! You ladies rock my socks!


11 thoughts on “My network of women bloggers rock!!!

  1. LOL….i relish every single one of my cracks….life would be utterly boring without them…love ya ladies…and you are all amazing…i am so grateful i found you

  2. I thank you for your blog… for articulating what is inside my messy head… It’s amazing how a stranger can understand what you are going through but your friends have difficulties understanding why you cannot let go of this illicit affair. Not their fault though but this affair makes one feel so alone.. so thank you again for your blog

    • Affairs can make you feel isolated. And, unless you have found yourself in this place there is no possible way somebody could understand. Thanks for reading and commenting. Come on over to WordPress! Your story strikes a heart string within me too 🙂

  3. I ❤ you! Even though I didn't jump on until later!
    Even though I've been around for a couple of years, this last few months has really been cathartic.
    And, ummm, I hope you're doing okay. It's been a while since you posted. Hopefully that's a good thing 🙂

    • Awww…I ❤ you too! I didn't jump in to the blogging world until January. It's funny I have written so many posts lately but I haven't published them. They all seem to say the same thing. It is a dance, or a roller coaster might be a better analogy. One minute your up and the next you are down. I was actually working on a post last night, but I didn't get a chance to publish it. I think I will work on this today. You're definitely in my network of women bloggers. 🙂 I just hadn't gotten to know you as well when I wrote this. Thanks for checking on me. I am always lurking 🙂 How are things with loverman? question: Does loverman read your blog or know about it? W knows about mine and I think he lurks from time to time. That makes it little more difficult to write. I was just curious.

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