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Silence kills relationships

Interesting article…. Made me think…John Gottman calls it stonewalling and he says it is one of the four horsemen. The four horsemen are four things that he sees in relationships that are indicators that these couples are risk of not staying married.  Those four horsemen are stonewalling, criticism, contempt and defensiveness.  I am guilty of stonewalling, because I don’t like to fight and hate conflict, so I become silent and stew about it. I need to work on that.  I think I do the others pretty well, I should ask W he would know. 🙂

Gottman's four horsemen

Gottman’s four horsemen



2 thoughts on “Silence kills relationships

  1. Love the Gottman method. DH and I had attended a counselor several years ago who was certifying in this. We were prized patients. We got picked up on it very quickly. It was very practical. Yet I guess once the love is gone, it’s gone. I would still swear by this and I hope to implement it in any future relationships

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